Guidelines for Skater Participation

Promptness and Committment
Skaters should arrive 5-10 minutes before practice and at least 1 hour before a scheduled bout. If your child is not going to be in attendance at a scheduled practice or game, the league coordinator and or coach should be notified by email or phone call (see attendance section below). Roller derby is a demanding sport, and for us to be successfull we need parent involvement! Consider volunteering to learn the rules and become a referee on skates or a non-skating official. You may also volunteer to assist with home bouts.

Please read behavior and conduct section on the website - Program Philosophy

Skater, Parent and Coaches Conduct
Please examine the skater, parent, & coaches code of conduct on the league documents page.

Player Supervision
The I-5 Rollergirls coaching staff will be present during all practices and games. I5RG does not require parents to be present during scheduled events but it is encouracged. In the event that a parent cannot be there with the child, current contact information must be maintained in case of an emergency. We cannot be responsible for your child once a practice or bout concludes. Please be prompt in picking your child up.

Program Facilities and Scheduling
Due to the size of our organization we use various facilities in the area. In order for us to maintain our good relationship with our venues we ask you help us maintain general care and cleanliness of the facility (cleaning up after yourself, removing debris and notifying I5RG if you see any dangerous hazards to our skaters). Some practice venues have strict no outside food or beverage policies, please respect them.

The I-5 Rollergirls has advertised specific practice and game locations based on varying factors. Sometimes we may have to change practice venues or even cancel practice. We will communicate as far in advance as possible. Although this does not happen often, it can occur and our goal is to provide a stable, consistent environment for our skaters. Thank you in advance in understanding and for your flexibility when this does occur.

Team Communications
We communicate with parents and skaters through both our closed Facebook group and email. Official communication regarding practices and bouts is both posted on Facebook and sent out in email. All coaches, the manager and the executive members of the Board of Directors are all available via phone or in person, at any time.

Team Formation
Please read team formation guidelines on the website - Team Formation Guidelines

Roller derby is a team sport. I-5 Rollergirls believes we can only succeed as a team. Team, trust, camaraderie and strategy are built practice upon practice. Skill and understanding are built by repetition. One may be born to skate but the application of that talent in the field of roller derby must be honed. The key is practice and I-5 Rollergirls believes attendance at every practice should be every skater's goal. To this end I-5 Rollergirls has adopted the following attendance policies:

  1. Attendance at every practice is expected of every skater. Attendance will be taken at the start of every practice. If a skater arrives after attendance is taken, it is her responsibility to make sure she is not marked absent.
  2. We understand that this sport is an avocation and that certain family and school events will and must take precedence. When it is unavoidable for a skater to miss a practice, either the skater or their parent(s) must contact the I-5 coaching and managing staff by emailing attendance@i5rollergirls.com. Please state the reason for the missed practice. Unless it is an emergency or sudden illness, please send the email at least 72 hours prior to practice. Ideally the notification should happen as soon as it becomes practical to do so. If you do not have access to email, you must call both the Head Coach and the Team Manager directly.
  3. While there is no set limit to the number of practices a skater must attend, everyone's overall attendance will be taken into account when bout rosters are drawn up. The closer to a bout the more important attendance becomes and the more weight it will carry. This applies just as much right after a bout as before. Bout rosters are the responsibility of the Head Coach and the coaching staff. The final decision of the importance of attendance of any skater with regard to rosters rests with them.

Refund Policy
The policy of the I-5 ROLLERGIRLS is to issue no refunds [8] calendar weeks after the beginning of Charter practices. Prior to the completion of [8] calendar weeks of Charter practice a refund of the registration fee less an administrative handling fee of $150 will be issued. There is no refund of Uniform Fees.

The I-5 ROLLERGIRLS Board of Directors reserves the right to make final decisions regarding the merit of each refund request. Refunds will be issued no later than 30 days after the request for refund has been approved by the Board of Directors.

EMAIL: i5rollergirls@gmail.com